I am a self trained artist. Originally I trained as a MD and worked for many years in the U.K. and Germany as a surgeon and later anesthesiologist. Arriving in the United States with two young children, I concentrated on being a mother, finding more time as they grew older to explore my artistic side. After a welding class I took for fun with Kimberli Matin, I knew that I had found the medium in which I wanted to work. Apart from all the fabulous power tools I use and the impressive flying sparks, I delight in the malleability of metal. It never ceases to surprise me how this cold, hard, and seemingly unyielding material can take on wonderfully delicate shapes. I often encompass recycled material in my pieces, giving them another beautiful lease on life. At present I am experimenting with incorporating a variety of metals in one sculpture and adding other materials as well.

Visit her website: jackiemacleod.com